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What is a pharmacy discount card? It is similar with a bank card but it has a lot of benefits. By the way it is more accessible than it because it has no pin.
How to create a pharmacy card? There are few possibilities. One of it is to require a card to your personal pharmacy seller; he will issue a card and in some cases a folder that you need to complete with your personal data. Next time you will go to buy some articles from that pharmacy, if you will show him your pharmacy discount card you will receive a discount that depends each pharmacy. But there is another possibility to have a pharmacy discount card: it can be an online “card”.
How to create an online card? Some pharmacies have the possibility to buy articles online. In that case even your card is a virtual one; you have to create an account on their site. They receive to you a username and you have to create a password for you account. After you buy any article you access your account and then you have discounts depended by the article price, the pharmacy you have account and so on…

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